Reading and Reading and Reading! Another Happy (Reading!) Week No 44

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

It's been such a privilege to spend my time with so many talented and generous authors and artists!!! #sograteful

I finished Audacity of Hope audiobook and am anxiously awaiting this for the fall! #soexcited!!!

I read March Volume Two and March Volume Three by the iconic Congressman Lewis! I'm in awe of his unyielding bravery for, integrity for, and devotion to making our nation just. #nowords

I nominate his books for a One Book project for the United States!

I read this, this, and this (pinterest board). #sograteful

I am also so grateful for the finishing salts I've been ecstatically enjoying! I squeeze lime juice on cucumber slices in order to deliver the different salts to my anxiously awaiting (and anticipating!) taste buds! This, this and this. All have different nutrition, taste and stories! #heaven

Such Another Happy (Reading) Week!!! 

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