Pretty Poppy Plant-Dyed Dresses! Another Happy Week No 62

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I've been SO LUCKY to have received some new organic dresses for the warm summer weather! They are beautiful, feminine, fun, comfortable, organic, plant dyed, n a t u r a l ! Some of the plant dyed colors include poppy, indigo, amethyst, and rose! I ordered mostly organic tissue cotton, and some light hemp/organic cotton knit and handwoven fabric in "river"! (I've been using this as a beach coverup and then this as an organic "swimsuit"! Hello! Happiness) #thankyousomuch @gaiaconceptions

WearNATURE Summer 2018 Pinterest Board!!! (my ten-item toxin-free wardrobe!!!) 

I've also been enjoying so much the most delicious grassfed beef short ribs I recently received from Miller's Organic Farm! WOW!!! So grateful! So delicious and nutritious!!! #thankyousomuch @millersorganicfarm

Loved reading this book so much! Dreaming of Sweeeet Sweeeeden!!! #thankyousomuch @nikibrantmark

So grateful for so many happiness happenings during Another Happy Week!!!


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