Plant-Dyed Designers! Another Happy Week No 61

I've been so lucky to be FOREST BATHING this week!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The smells! The sounds! The air!! The visual feasts!!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU SO MUCH @willowriverstatepark! Rumi thanks you too!

The garden has been producing garlic chives and a few leafy greens! So excited! So delicious! I've been pan frying the chives and eating them with the few precious beef steaks remaining in the freezer! The new beef will be coming soon! #thankyousomuch @eatwild! iLOVE YOU!!!

I discovered some new plant-dying designers! MIRACLE!!! Their descriptions and ethos are impeccably pure and natural as well as being inspiring by doing no harm with their clothing (harm to humans through the skin and harm to the planet and ecosystem). #thankyousomuch @sustainbykat

I have really been enjoying What Happened audiobook by Hillary Rodham Clinton! I cannot stop listening! #thankyousomuch @HillaryClinton!

Another Hap Hap Happy Week!

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