Planning vs Dropping-In on the Camino

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

As I was researching online and starting to contact albergues and to make reservations, I discovered the website This became my favorite source for finding albergues. I looked at detailed pictures, read reviews and all contact information and direct links were included there in one place. It was heavenly! I usually chose an albergue based on the rating system, location to accommodate daily miles and the sleeping arrangements. Sometimes I changed the whole route and plan if I discovered an alluring comment about a town and/or albergue. It worked really well, because I was so happy staying in every albergue and every town. The only “problem” I ever encountered was not wanting to leave the beautiful places!

During the days and months of planning and researching, I wondered if I was supposed to just “wing it” and be a “drop-in” pilgrim (a pilgrim who just shows up and figures it out along the way). I was really torn about this even as I began walking the Camino. I discovered that although the spontaneity of not planning was alluring and exciting (and much easier during the preceding months!) I am so happy with how I did it. I loved having a destination each day and all I had to do was look at my ultralight, disposable notes with the date, name of town, miles to walk, and the albergue name/phone number/address. It proved to be “effortless”!

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