Oregano Popcorn! Another Happy Week No. 23

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I may have invented Oregano Popcorn!!! I was finishing "deep frying" chicken skins in the wok (technically it is probably called braising since the beef fat temp is only 225-250 degrees but the results are crunchy/greasy just like deep fried food!!!) when I wondered what would happen if I added fresh (and quite large!) oregano leaves to the cooling oil! POP! POP! POP! Is what happened!!!! It sounded just like popcorn popping!!! So fun! & delicious!!!

I also discovered SHISO while visiting Mississippi Market! I learned that it is a Japanese mint-family herb. It looked beautiful! I've been experimenting with its taste in cooking (milder than I was warned) and have been enjoying its beauty as a bouquet!!! I added it to braising greens and it was delicious! I cut it into strips and added to my daily broth! Equally delicious! I plan to purchase more to try drying and then sprinkling!!! Thank you @mississippimarket!

YAYYY-HAYYY! Another Happy Week!!!!


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