Oozing Gratitude! Another Happy Week No. 32

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

All this week (and all weeks!!!) I have felt SO MUCH GRATITUDE for the little big things in my newly discovered happy life! Every morning when I get up and get dressed I feel SO MUCH GRATITUDE for the homemade body powder made with organic lavender flowers and the homemade organic velour powder puff I use to put the powder on my skin!!! It smells so good, and I experience extreme joy knowing that I hunted down the most impeccable ingredients, figured out how to make it all myself, and that it is doing no harm to my health!

I found the recipe in one of my favorite books! SO GRATEFUL!!!! #thankyou #StephanieTourles

I also feel SO MUCH GRATITUDE for this audiobook! It has made a tremendous impact on my understanding of meditation!!! SO GRATEFUL!!! #thankyou @danbharris @10percent

I am inLOVE with the salmon jerky I've been making!!! Oh! My! Gosh!!! It is so delicious! Every time I eat a crispy salmon chip (I may have dehydrated too long) I think, "Does this taste so delicious because of the impeccable wild salmon I purchased?!?!" It must because  I ended up LOVING the just plain salmon strips! That's it! No marinating in lemon, no salt, just salmon!!! WOW! MOST DEEEEELICIOUS!!!! SO GRATEFUL!!! #thankyou @lokifishco 

AND I wouldn't have been able to make such delicious salmon jerky without this! SO GRATEFUL!!! #thankyou @HarvestFiesta

Oozing gratitude Another Happy Week and all Another Happy Weeks!!!

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