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THE OBESOGEN EFFECT by Bruce Blumberg, PHD with Kristin Loberg

"obesogens - chemicals in our environment that promote weight gain"

"chemical-induced obesity"

"...average BMI is higher than it was a little more than a generation ago even when our calorie intake and physical activity is about the same"

"Adults today find it harder to maintain the same weight than did adults twenty to thirty years ago, even at the same levels of food intake and exercise."

"Obesogens can reprogram stem cells in the body to develop into more fat cells."

"Obesogen exposure also changes how your body responds to dietary choices and handles calories...and their effects can be passed on to future generations."

"What is missing from the never-ending conversation about weight and how to control it is the role played by obesogens and how these little-acknowledged yet potent and deleterious substances that we encounter daily - in our food, households, workplaces, and even medicine cabinets - are severely impacting our waistlines and overall health."

"Obesogens contribute to obesity by disrupting the normal development and balance of fat metabolism - how your body creates and stores fat."

"Poor diet and physical inactivity remain leading causes of overweight and obesity. But we in the scientific community are increasingly finding that exposure to chemicals in our diet and environment may be an under recognized risk factor...dozens of chemicals that can increase susceptibility to becoming obese in animals and trigger cells grown in a lab (cultured cells) to become fat cells."

"...there is no such thing as one diet (other than starvation) that works on everyone."

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