Nutritious Clothing

Finding nutritious clothing is similar to finding nutritious food: the proof is in the process. If a farmer or producer is creating an impeccable product, then the process will be described in every meticulous detail. I now know that it is necessary to visit the farm (or speak directly through phone or email) and ask questions. Many “natural” food and clothing products are not at all natural after asking questions. Many times if a website does not include the impeccable details in its descriptions, I have learned it is almost always a waste of my time to call, chat or email.

One of my biggest challenges in this endeavor has been color! It is so rare to find companies producing textiles using natural plant dyes or colorgrown fibers.

One of the most unexpected outcomes of this often times discouraging journey has been the utmost joy I receive from treating my life and health impeccably! Every time I touch or put on my natural clothing, I feel infinitely happy for doing everything possible to protect my health. Natural clothing smells neutral rather than chemical, is extremely comfortable, breathable, soft and beautiful!

I also unexpectedly found endless joy from choosing my clothing items with purpose and the fulfillment that follows.

I found immense joy and freedom from having only a few, necessary, well-crafted clothing items. My impeccably clean clothing and shoes are expensive and sometimes custom made. I have learned to choose wisely and to consider how a new item will fit with the other items. I found great comraderie and joy in discovering through Jennifer L Scott’s Madame Chic books that the French have always done this naturally with what she terms the “ten-item wardrobe.” The surprising result is a timeless, “delicious,” durable, divinely beautiful, colors-of-nature, nutritious wardrobe! HELLO! HAPPINESS

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