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In life and on the Camino, many people wonder about and ask me about my habits: “How can you not eat after hiking 25 miles all day?!” “How are you progressing so quickly?” “How is your backpack so light?” “How do you always look so fresh and like this is effortless for you?” “You are NOT hiking in your flip-flops!” (even though they saw me hiking in my flip-flops!) “How do you not eat sugar/not drink alcohol/go to bed so early?”
My body is keto-adapted (it burns fat instead of sugar). I often go long periods of time without eating, without hunger and without thoughts of food. I have gained extreme mental clarity, equanimity and endurance. I usually only eat once a day in the morning. My diet is approximately 60-70% fat, 20-35% protein and 5-20% carbohydrate. I do not eat sugar, processed foods, drink coffee or alcohol.
I eat foods produced by nature, and I consider the diets of the animals/the conditions of the soil. I buy whole animals, eggs, raw butter and cheese from farmers. I render fat from those animals and make bone broth. I purchase herbs from a co-op or outdoor farmer’s market. I order seafood and salmon online from independent fisheries. I buy coconut oil and olive oil that have been made using traditional methods.
I eat like royalty every day! I use traditional methods of cooking, unglazed clay cookware and the best ingredients the U.S.A. produces. My cholesterol test results are: cholesterol total: 247 (H); triglycerides: 24 (L); HDL cholesterol: 135; LDL cholesterol: 107; chol/hdl ratio: 1.83. I also sleep 9-10 hours every night. I don’t use aspirin, over-the-counter medications or recreational drugs.
I avoid all chemicals as much as humanly possible! I wear natural clothing and shoes, wash my hair using only filtered water without shampoo, sleep on a natural rubber mattress with natural bedding and use essential oils to make homemade toothpaste, lotion, perfume, body/room spray, and cleaning solution. I use soapnuts to hand wash and line dry my clothing.
All of these “habits” have occurred gradually over time as I have learned more and more and have discovered the pure joy, happiness and freedom of living simply and treating my body and life impeccably! MIRACLE!!

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