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When I was in my early thirties I started losing my hair!!! I was mortified, confused, L O S T ! I couldn't figure out what was happening!?! I was only thirty!!! And I was female!!! 

I've always worn my hair pulled back away from my face, and I was imagining having to shave my head so the hair loss was less noticeable. This caused major stress.

Around the same time, I was awarded a teacher trip to Korea and Japan! After the long flight and for my first few days in Korea, I could not feel my toes! It felt like they were sleeping: the prickly pinpoints. I couldn't figure out what was happening! It gradually improved but I made a plan to visit the doctor on my return.

After tests at the doctor I learned I was deficient in MANY nutrients! I was most concerned about calcium because my grandmother suffered from osteoporosis. I immediately stopped my vegan diet and consumed dairy. Six months later I stopped the vegetarian diet.

It still took a few years for me to discover my current happiest life, but when I did I learned that toxins entering my skin can also harm my health. I remember walking with my nutritionist (and friend!), and she told me that our favorite hair products had several ingredients that were harmful. I was shocked! I had spent my entire adult life investing in this "natural" brand of hair products because it was the "best"! 

My hair is naturally baby fine, so the shampoo lasted a few days before my hair became extremely flat and weighted down with oil. The baby fine hair also tangled easily to a knotted, traumatic mess, so the professionals prescribed two kinds of conditioner for every washing. The final products helped give the weighted down hair volume, combatted a flaky scalp and not sure about the last one! The glass bottle was beautiful though!

When I found out these products could be doing harm to my health, nutrition (?!), well-being, and I was investing so much time, money, energy into being the healthiest person possible, I started to investigate alternatives for hair care.

I found several sources online that shared shampoo-less lives! I was shocked! I had no idea this was possible! How funny! Many people described having to suffer through a stage of getting off of shampoo (shampoo use over produces oils, so stopping shampoo use can cause the regular oil to continue until the body readjusts to its natural setting!). 

I stopped the shampoo and then massaged my scalp and worked the oils down my hair every day. I used clean hands and also invested in a natural boar bristle hair brush. I "washed" with water while massaging my scalp and working the oils down about once a week. 

I gradually began to trust it and became more comfortable with the process. I learned to listen to my body to know when to "wash" it with water. Eventually (now) I "wash" with water about once a month!

To my surprise and delight, my hair (for the first time since I was a baby!) is soft, odorless, FLUFFY (!!!!), and....

N    A    T    U    R    A    L    !    !    !

I think it has also gotten darker! It is really pretty! YAY!

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