My Happy Life for Sale

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

It all started when I became determined to find out once and for all what humans need nutritionally! I met Maria Emmerich, and life began to change... drastically! As I learned, studied, and evolved, I continued to learn, study, and evolve! Learning about nutrition led to learning about sleep; learning about sleep led to learning about skin ("It's not only what we eat but also what we touch" Dr Josh Axe) and that opened a whole new world! Toxin-free clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, mattress, shampoo, cleaners, toothpaste...

Now instead of always feeling hungry and confused about what to eat, I feel satiated for hours, and I know exactly which nutrient-dense foods to choose (plants and animals made by nature). Now instead of being distracted, dissatisfied, and stressed by constantly consuming and discarding, I feel grateful and fulfilled purchasing the most necessary and naturally-made belongings.

My Happy Life for Sale shares the way I found the internal happiness that is a birthright! 

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