Miraculous Microgreens Happiness!!! Another Happy Week No 47

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I've been so excited about growing microgreens in the kitchen! Now I'm ecstatic! The small trial tasted so delicious (AnotherHappyWeek No 46!) I had to immediately figure out how to make enough to have every day! I ordered larger trays with drain holes and plain larger traysmore soil, another fan, and more lighting.

Two full trays of microgreen success and miraculous deliciousness!!! Delicate little greens full of zesty and intense flavor! They grow so quickly too! MIRACLE! #thankyousomuch @trueleafmarket @amazon

I have a little bit more space to expand and am thinking of one more kitchen setup for extra backup micros! Nutrition all over the place:) #happiness

In addition to the miraculous deliciousness, microgreens are just plain miraculous! It states in the above article link that microgreens may have 4-40 times more minerals and vitamins than the full-grown vegetable AND may be a solution to some of the world hunger and malnutrition issues!!!! #MIRACLE 

I've been thinking about and so grateful for these videos that helped me start feeding the dogs Naturally too! #thankyousomuch @dogsnaturallymagazine

Miraculous Microgreens Make Another Happy Week!!! 

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