Microgreens to the Rescue! Another Happy Week No 54

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I am inLOVE with microgreens!!! I've been bursting with happiness as they overflow their trays in the kitchen! I've also been rereading the research of their mightiness! Not only could they become a solution to some of the world hunger and malnutrition issues, but they may have "4-40 times the amount of some nutrients and vitamins as the vegetables a mature plant would produce"!!! Hello! Happiness

I've also discovered a non plastic way to grow the seeds! So excited!

Super grateful to www.trueleafmarket.com (affiliate link!) for providing such high quality non-gmo/heirloom/organic seeds, organic soil and soil amendment! I even add the azomite powder to my daily broth in attempts to cover any missing nutrients in my diet (thank you to Sally Fallon for the tip from her book). It tastes like the richest, earthiest hot cocoa!!! 

I finished this audiobook and have been thinking about it ever since! Impacting and memorable! #thankyousomuch @elizabethvargas

As the weather warms I've been appreciating these new cami tops! Organic cotton whitened with peroxide! #thankyousomuch @wearpact

I also received this and this for my summer ten-item wardrobe! #thankyousomuch @gaiaconceptions iLOVE you so much!

I found ticks on Rumi! What is a pet owner to do?! #help!

Eating and enjoying for Another Happy Week!!! #sograteful!!!

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