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Once I learned that I will always be hungry unless my body receives the nutrients it craves, finding the most nutrient-dense food seemed the most logical choice for living a nourished, satiated, happy life! The more I read and searched for nutrient-dense food, the more I learned about different soils producing differing nutrient quantities. I started by finding 100% grass-fed meat but quickly had to search for 100% grass-fed meat from animals grazing on nutrient-rich soil from different regions! Whew! And I still am not certain I always meet my nutrient requirements! 

Recently I also started growing herbs and other leafy greens in the yard. I am starting to study soil analysis and amending the soil for maximum nutrition. During this time I discovered the MIRACLE of microgreens! I read this book by (Minneapolis) local author and kitchen garden expert Elizabeth Millard. They may have 4-40 times more nutrition than the mature vegetable and may be a possible solution to the world's hunger and malnutrition issues!!! 

After a few failed attempts, I did not give up! While searching for the purest seeds I could find for this year's backyard garden, I found www.trueleafmarket.com. This changed everything! I ordered a few supplies for experimenting before investing in more permanent equipment and reread Elizabeth's section on microgreens. SUCCESS! I ordered more supplies and am on my way to supplying myself with nutrient-dense microgreens for the most nutritious diet I can find! Hello! Happiness

Here is what I do:

1. I order five bags of organic potting mix and Azomite mineral powder.

2. I soak non-GMO, organic & heirloom RADISH - HONG VIT - MICROGREENS SEEDS overnight.

3. I mix the soil with pH6 water until it feels like wet brownie batter. (I tested my home water to find out how much lemon juice to add to it to have pH6 water to use with the microgreens. I purchased the pH testing kit from True Leaf Market for a few dollars)

4. I add Azomite mineral powder to the soil.

5. I fill non-plastic "trays" with loose soil (being careful not to pack the soil down) and sprinkle generous amounts of non GMO, organic, heirloom microgreens seeds (RADISH HONG VIT, KALE LACINATO, BROCCOLI PURPLE SPROUTING, LETTUCE LEAF LOLLO ROSSO).

6. I place the non-plastic "trays" in a large plastic tray in order to bottom water once the microgreens are growing. Until they grow, I spray pH6 water on the seeds and cover with another tray until first sign of germination.

7. I keep the seeds damp with pH6 water misting (usually once or twice daily).

8. Usually VERY quickly I see a sign of something happening and remove the cover (sometimes the next day!!!).

9. I place the germinating seeds under grow lights with a fan blowing during all waking hours.

10. I add pH6 water to the bottom plastic tray that is beneath the stainless steel trays (bottom watering) each night and turn off the lights and fan.

11. I turn on the lights and fan again each morning and continue nightly bottom watering.

12. I harvest the microgreens using scissors when they are a few inches tall!

13. I enjoy the heavenly happiness of the spicy, fresh delicious nutrition!!!


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