Liver...You're the One! Another Happy Week No. 20

Posted by Laura Paulisich on


I eat bison liver snaps every week of the year!!! I remember reading (I think it was Primal Body Primal Mind or Deep Nutrition!) that liver is the most nutritious food you can buy for your money! I've been focusing my attention and money on it ever since!

I purchase liver, marrow/soup/knuckle bones, fat, heart, and ground meat from Northstar Bison (their local soil tests pure, pristine, and clean many feet deep!). I invest in these key nutrition elements at a higher cost from Northstar Bison where I know for certain the quality of the soil. I always think about wanting to be strong like bison when I eat heart, liver, bone broth, and muscle meat!

I first read about liver snaps as a recipe for dog treats in this book! I adapted the recipe to a lower temperature, to cook overnight and to line the pan thick with pork fat. One bite later, the dogs didn't ever get to try this recipe! That was several years ago! Please forgive me Aphrodite & Rumi!!!!!!

YAY! Another Happy Week!!!

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