Liver LOVE!!! Another Happy Week No 76

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

Behzad and I have been LOVING our new liver and as always prepare it as "liver snaps"(grassfed liver + tons of naturally-made fat + 150 degrees overnight). The volumes of fat used and the way it hardens usually resembles almond bark! I use this toxin-free pan with traditionally-made coconut oil, buffalo tallow, and homemade-rendered grassfed beef fat. After cooking, I sprinkle finishing salts and devour!!! #sodelicious #sograteful

I just started listening to this and was so surprised to hear that Goldie Hawn, while pregnant with Kate Hudson, ate liver once a week! I remember reading in so many books like this that the most impacting and nutritious food for nursing mothers to eat is raw liver! 

Another and another and Another Happy Week!!! @thankyousomuch!

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