Lemons and Limes and Happiness Oh My! Another Happy Week No 48

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

Such a happy discovery: lemon and lime season! I am so grateful for the Local Harvest organization! A few months ago I signed up for the Local Harvest newsletter, and now I know about so many more amazing farmers and products! I knew to watch the local co-op for key limes during January or February, but now I know I can order lemons and limes at this time of year directly from the farmers! Wow!!! What an experience! This week I noticed I am almost out of lemon cleaner! Horror!!! I remembered that this is lemon season, so I searched for organic lemons on localharvest.org and found this! #thankyousomuch @localharvest

I will be receiving the lemons shortly and plan to start infusing several bottles of organic vinegar with the lemons in order to make the lemon cleaner:

I also reordered my absolute favorite organic rose hydrosol (I spray it every day at least once on my face, skin and clothes). #iloveyou @shirazorganicfarm

I have been so enjoying the MIRACLE OF MICROGREENS!!! I've made microgreen salads, topped my food or broth with them, and eaten them straight out of the jar! So delicious and so grateful! #iminlove!

Since reading about the Civil Rights Era I found my way to reading about the Kennedys. I've been immersed: this, this, this and then this movie

WOW! What a Lemony Happy Another Happy Week!!!

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