Lemon Fresh Happiness Another Happy Week No 49

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

The lemons arrived! So much beautiful yellow lemony citrus freshness! This was the first time I purchased lemons directly from a farm on localharvest.org. This worked so well! The box arrived and a day later it only took about a half hour to cut the lemons and add organic vinegar in order to make lemon-infused vinegar for the lemon cleaner I use every day to clean everything! 

I usually make a year's worth of lemon cleaner during the summer, but this year I ran out halfway throughout the year! It worked out well because I was able to purchase the lemons during their peak season! It also was so easy to make a large amount of the cleaner at once. I did not have to carry several bags to the car. I ordered organic vinegar and the lemons and 30 minutes later I had several jars of lemon cleaner started!

I've been using the lemon cleaner for several years now and am so grateful to this book for the recipe! I love the smell; I love the impeccable ingredients; I love how it cleans everything; I love the ease of having one cleaner; I love the process of infusing the best vinegar I can find with the freshest lemons I can find! #thankyousomuch @pipwaller

Lemony Happiness makes Another Happy Week!!!

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