Learning, Learning, Learning: Another Happy Week No 2

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

Recently I've been scrambling to find healthy fats. I learned that my "almost-wild" source for pork fat has a new farmer who supplements with GMO feed. 

I started the seemingly impossible, often-times disappointing, and endlessly time-consuming task of trying to find pork with a natural diet (grass, leafy greens, acorns, nuts, fruits, other animals, snakes, eggs, roots, and insects). 

Miraculously, I was rewarded by finding this and this!!!! I will be ordering chicken skin, pork fat, and side pork when it becomes available.

I've also been revisiting Sarah Ballantyne's book and learning, learning, learning! Dense with nutritional information and "new" food ideas, I'm inspired to expand what I eat!

I ordered olive oil, truffle olive oil, early harvest olive oil, and more coconut oil.

I rendered beef fat and ordered chicken fat for more rendering. 

I burned my arm while making beef fat cracklings and learned natural burn remedies from Dr Axe! I made up this recipe taking just 48 seconds to make! Immediate relief!


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