Latitude 44.97°N Another Happy Week No. 25

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

Holy Happy Harvest week of October 23 Latitude 44.97°N!!!!

Backyard: parsley, parsley, parsley, flowers, garlic chives, sage, lemon balm, mint, lavender!

Co-op: swiss chard, carrot greens, beet greens, spinach, watercress!

Thinking about investing in a few more crocks for countertop fermenting before the local greens are all gone!!!! All of my crocks are being used at the moment!

So inLOVE with these indigo-dyed tennies from Industry Of All Nations AND Veja!!! I've been wearing them constantly! So happy! iLOVE my wardrobe! #wearNature

Just discovered this!!! Japanese Aizome = Japanese indigo dyeing #fermentingdye!!!!!! #discovery! 

Happily Happiness! Another Happy Week! #solucky 

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