iWONDER...Disappearing Nutrition?

I remember reading a long time ago in The Utne Reader that there is no place left on Earth that escapes human-made sounds. That fact haunts me since reading it so many years ago!

I often wonder if the Earth's nutrition will also disappear. I think about how I will not eat locally-hunted deer because of their access to corn and soy fields marked with GMO and pesticide-laden seed labels. Then I think about the wind that carries the poisonous seeds and sprays to other soil. 

I once drove to buy "organic" herbs in bulk from a small, family-owned herb farm who sells at a large farmer's market. My alarm grew as I noticed all of the conventionally-grown farm land for miles and miles surrounding his few acres. I couldn't help but think, "how is this organic?"

When I asked him about the surrounding, non-organic farming and their effects on his soil and plants, he said he has been lucky so far because the neighbors try to spray only when it is not windy. Unsettling and leaves me continually wondering...

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