iWonder...Why is Eating Real Food Considered "Missing Out"?

Posted by Laura Paulisich on


iWonder why people might think I am "missing out" by not "indulging" in cheat days or desserts or restaurants or sugar?! I have eaten all of these for most of my life and have always felt somehow disappointed, "cheated," discontent, and stressed after eating it.

I also remember feeling extremely anxious and stressed before eating compromised foods: trying to decide if I should eat it; if I did eat it what would happen; regrets about indulging; weight gain consequences; will I be able to stop eating it?

Now every bite of food is ecstatically delicious! Satisfying, nourishing, satiating, magnificent and miraculous! There is never even a question about what to eat. Why would I ever want to eat differently? It doesn't even enter my mind! It is the opposite! It is pure heaven. 

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