I-Will-Always-Remember List of Hiking the Camino

Posted by Laura Paulisich on


-helping a pilgrim push his baby in a stroller up a steep mountain
-the shop owner who gave me a pair of her flip-flops to wear when mine were beyond repair
-the cab driver who drove me to León and helped me find new flip-flops in a department store
-washing my hair in a mountain stream
-always arriving just in time and on the right day to the post offices
-when a friend told me sternly to go to the Pilgrim Mass (I would have missed it!)
-the fashion, the outdoor cafes, Burgos University, the historic centres
-the pilgrims who left their homes in Germany and had been walking for three months
-the pilgrims traveling with a donkey
-the awe-inspiring vistas
-the nature
-the endless beauty of Spain and its people...MIRACLES

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