I used to be "normal"...

I used to be “normal:” television watching; yo-yo dieting; stressed about weight, health, and food; unsure how to prepare food and what exactly to eat; always hungry; always thinking about food; always confused about food (what to buy and how to prepare it); shopping; spending; discarding of spoiled food and unworn clothes, unread books, unused belongings; stressing about credit card debts; constantly shopping for food, clothing, belongings, books; rearranging belongings; throwing away excess belongings; collapsing on the couch; zoning out with television; feeling lost, confused, wasteful, wanting, stressed, unsatisfied, and sometimes depressed.

Now that I have discovered a new way of living, I have spent several years without any of those feelings and behaviors! By discovering a purpose for eating, wearing, and living, I gained clarity, equanimity and joy. Today my life is extremely different! I have no tv, no couch, no diets, no yo-yo weight changes, no waste, no unnecessary debt, no stress! Instead I have freedom, fun, happiness and joy. My life is filled with the most nutritious and delicious food, endless energy, the softest and most comfortable clothing and bedding, inspiring surroundings, pure smells, spirit-filled living and enriching activities. HELLO! HAPPINESS

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