Happiness Class: I Used To Be a CONSUMEah!

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I grew up in Minnesota, birthplace of Target & Cub Foods! I learned early on about Big Store aisles and massive amounts of Stuff! I know the innovative people who started these chains had the best intentions! To feed & clothe people affordably! However, after discovering the true joy of real food, clothing and shelter consumed with purpose, I know now that I was addicted to the Stuff! All of it!

I remember the thrill of "having money" (teacher salary haha!) and spending hours in Target searching and trying on and imagining all of the outfits, decorating, etc, etc for my life! I remember the shock of the tally at the register; I remember the annoyance of all of the bags and the parking lot and the traffic and the unloading and the unpackaging and the waste of the packaging. 

Then the Real Stress started! Where will I put all of these new belongings!? And now I have to keep track of them, use them, clean them, organize them, remove the past-due-date/"old" items that most likely were unused, unworn, forgotten, difficult-to-find-among-all-the-other-items! 

Then came the Stress of Remorse! The Shame & Guilt of consuming-without-use-and-ultimately-discarding. Not to mention the wastefulness of the money to purchase all of it! 

I didn't realize the addictive and maddening and ultimately extremely depressing cycle I was living until I found Real Food, Real Clothing and Real Shelter!

Once I was eating with purpose, wearing with purpose and home-bodying with purpose, I experienced (and still experience!) soaring (and seemingly limitless!) DAILY J O Y ! ! ! 

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