I Did It! Another Happy Week No. 18

I did it! My favorite Food Gold Discovery system broke recently and is nearly impossible to replace in a reasonable amount of time (vintage cooking vessel!)! I've been scrambling for another method! After endless scheming and research, I found an alternative! MIRACLE!!!

I learned that it really is best for health and nutrition (and happiness!) to cook at low temperatures over long periods of time...so, I've been successfully overnight cooking chicken skins in the oven! This pan, these chicken skins, 225 degrees overnight....WAH-LAH!!! Beautiful, delicious, healthy, omega-3, "deep fried" (baked), crackling chicken skins!!! I lined the pan with pork fat the first night and have been reusing the pork and now chicken fat ever since! 

The deep fried bacon is not as successful low and slow! But I did have oven success at 350 degrees for 1/2-1 hour! I learned that professional chefs prefer to use a wok for deep frying, so I found a carbon steel wok for safe deep frying!

I did it! Another Happy Week!!! 

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