I Crave Raw Meat & Other Confessions! Another Happy Week No 40

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I crave raw meat! I eat some almost every day! The meat I eat has been frozen for more than 14 days, comes from an impeccable farmer friend, and is processed by a local butcher I know (AND it is delicious!). 

I only drink water! EVER! Water includes: bone broth, pickle juice, gem water, remineralized water, tiny sips of sparkling water, and infused water!

I also confess to being from Minnesota and not ever seeing Prince while he was alive. After reading this, I now plan to visit Paisley Park! #thankyousomuch @maytegarcia

I also had the privilege to witness "private" moments of President Obama's service in this and this! #thankyousomuch @petesouza!!! AND to listen to President Obama himself in this!!! #SuperFan @obamas

I also found (and became fans of!) so many beautiful people like Vashti Harrison (and ALL the women she wrote about!) and Danez Smith. #sograteful #SuperFan

WHAT A(nother) HAPPY WEEK!!! #solucky


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