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Hygge (HOO-GA) by Meik Wiking:

1. LIGHT: candles, lamps, intentional/considerate/calming lighting. The lower the temperature of the light, the more hygge (camera flash = 5,500 Kelvin (K); fluorescent tubes = 5,000K; incandescent lamps = 3,000K; sunsets, wood and candle flames = 1,800K)

2. TOGETHERNESS: flourishing social relationships, work-life balance, hugging/touching/cuddling (including pets!), oxytocin, happy/calm/safe, good company, belongingness, 

3. FOOD & DRINK: casual, rustic, and slow approach to life, high levels of meat, confectionery and coffee consumption, a treat, hearty stew, popcorn for sharing, sweets, cake, pastries, baking, cooking, hot drinks (all in moderation).

4. CLOTHING: stylish and casual, sleek, minimalistic, elegant, but not highly strung, scarves, black color, top bulky (hand-knitted wool sweaters, jumpers, cardigans, pullovers with leggings or skinny jeans), layers, woolen socks, casual hair (wake-up-and-go hair, high bun, borderline lazy).

5. HOME: beautiful, classically designed, "hygge headquarters," a lot of effort and money in creating their homes hyggelige, a nook (hyggekrog) for snuggling with a blanket, book & tea, comfy space, small space, a fireplace, candles, things made of wood, nature ("Danes feel the need to bring the entire forest inside. Any piece of nature you might find is likely to get the hygge green light. Leaves, nuts, twigs, animal skins...Basically you want to think: How would a Viking squirrel furnish a living room?"), books, ceramics, anything tactile, vintage, blankets and cushions.

6. OUTDOORS/OUTSIDE THE HOME: cabins, boats, good company, casualness, closeness to nature, being in the present moment, off-line, climb trees, catch fish, play football, ride bicycles, explore tunnels, sleep in tree houses, build dams and forts, search the forest for berries, sail, build a fire, watch the sun set, listen to the wind, office potlucks, office gardens, office dogs, homey offices. 

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