Holy Holiday Miracle! 1,000 Miles of Marinating! Another Happy Week No 34

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I accidentally created the most beautiful and delicious steaks I've ever seen! I was planning to cook the steaks before leaving on a road trip across the country. I ran out of time and covered the steaks in sea salt and olive oil and hoped for the best!

After arriving (and on the third day of marinating), I prepared the steaks using coconut oil and my favorite steak pan. The results were the most beautiful, brown crusts and the most delicious, juicy insides! Truly a holiday MIRACLE!

Before leaving, I used the bison brisket bone meat that I had in the refrigerator to make tiny, travel terrines. I took everything off of the bone, stuffed it into glass jars, and poured the cooking juices and fat over everything. The results were magnificent! I enjoyed it while driving; I enjoyed it for two days after arriving! Another MIRACLE!!!

I also created tiny, travel terrines using liver snaps and the coconut oil juices they create. A third MIRACLE! One small jar has lasted a week with a back-up jar still in the freezer!

Miles of MIRACLES always making Another Happy (Holiday) Week!

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