Holy Hallelujah (Lamb Chop) Happiness!!! Another Happy Week No 67

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

Behzad and I have been in heavenly heaven eating lamb chops with garden-fresh-garlic-chive-infused-glazed pan drippings! Hello! Happiness #sograteful for @whetstonefarm and toxin-free cookware and impeccable ingredients for marinating (oil and salt) #thankyousomuch

So excited to discover this gem!!! iLOVE parks!!!

I've been having so much fun remembering the early days of ketogenic eating! Eggs, eggs, eggs! Cheese, cheese, cheese!! Butter, butter, butter! Bacon, bacon, bacon!!! Even though I no longer eat those delicious ingredients because of autoimmune disease, they are perfect foods for Behzad's ketogenic eating! #thankyousomuch @millersorganicfarm for heavy cream, golden butter, cream cheese, cheese, and cottage cheese! Raw, unpasteurized, nutrient-dense natural fat from grassfed animals! Holy Hallelujah Heavenly Happiness!!!

So many Another Happy Weeks!!! #sograteful   

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