Holiday Happiness! Another Happy Week No. 30

Although the carbs of choice for me are almost always leafy and green, for Thanksgiving I tried eating a little bit of organic raw pumpkin! I researched the carbohydrate amount, if it is AIP-friendly (auto-immune protocol) and some recipes and decided to try this! So pretty! So delicious!

Thank you so much to Mississippi Market for having organic pie pumpkins and fresh herbs!

I ended up feeding most of the pumpkin to the dogs (they LOVED it!), but I really enjoyed the savory pumpkin-y flavor of the meat stuffing!

I have a lot left over to continue celebrating the holiday!

I've been so thankful for this traditionally-made coconut oil! Without a chicken and pork source, I've had to use so much more coconut oil when cooking!

Also so thankful to be adding this and this (both Sage natural dye) to my Winter 2018 10-item toxin-free wardrobe!

Another Happy (Holiday) Week!!!!

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