Fermenting Spring: Another Happy Week No 1

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I recently began an elimination diet.

While revisiting nutrition books, I realized my pickles have to be eliminated because of the whey. Homemade pickles have been my fermented food for the year. Now I know to be continually fermenting instead of only once a year!

I am enjoying spring fermentation! Spinachkraut, greens & asparagus.

And excitedly awaiting the arrival of more asparagus from Miller's Organic Farm!

Looking at a little fermentation guide I have in my kitchen, I discovered "the art of fermentation" guru, Sandor Katz, is on youtube! Sandorkraut! So inspiring! So Natural and Divine! #DesignbyNature!

Preparing for lots of summer walking and teaching by ordering toxin-free shoes (flip-flops, espadrilles, athletic shoes)...so grateful for these rare gems!!!! 

So excited! It's been ANOTHER HAPPY WEEK!

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