Happy Summer! Another Happy Week No 111

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

Herbs and flowers and long days oh my! #happysummer #summersolstice 

Everything is blooming and quadrupling in size!!! So grateful for the heirloom, organic, non-GMO seed from seedsavers.org and botanicalinterests.com! And organic plants from Sogn Valley Farm! #thankyousomuch #sograteful

I've been infusing fresh herbs from the garden into meat marinades with traditionally-made olive oil and mineral-rich sea salt! A summer favorite! So easy! Just salt thawed meat, massage olive oil into the meat and finish by covering the meat with fresh herbs. Store in the fridge and wait...take meat out of the fridge (between an hour and a day or more) and let it come to room temperature, then fry in animal fat. A favorite combination is tarragon with steak. #delicious #superdelicious #hellohappiness

Long days make for a long Another Happy Week! #yayyy #solucky:) 



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