Happy Sleep

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Realizing the impact sleep has on life and well-being has been one of the most significant discoveries! Learning that sleep affects weight, the cells, brain function, spirit, energy, health and happiness, I now consider it the most crucial action of my day and life. I know with certainty the day will end at an established time in order to be able to sleep for 8-10 hours so that I can wake naturally without an alarm. After reading so many sources about the scientific data of sleep affecting health, I became determined to add this to my diet. I vowed to make this commitment uncompromising. I have been honoring that vow ever since and my happiness has soared! First came creating total darkness: removing all electronics; blocking streetlights (and sometimes sunlight!); blocking lights from appliances; unplugging Wi-Fi. I also started becoming aware of artificial lights and other obstacles for nurturing restorative sleep: I changed home light bulbs to yellow bug lights; installed “f.lux” to my computer for less-harsh monitor light; stopped looking at screens and monitors as sleep time approached. Since making these changes, I have experienced repeated nights of restful and restorative sleep, repeated feelings of extreme comfort and relaxation, repeated feelings of balanced and relaxed appetite, repeated feelings of gratitude and well-being, and repeated feelings of HELLO! HAPPINESS.    

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