Happy Eating Happy Reading Another Happy Week No 46

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

The happiest eating after successfully growing countertop microgreens!!! Surprising bursts of spicy deliciousness! I couldn't believe I grew them myself!

I decided to try to grow a small amount at first to make sure I would be successful. WOW! I couldn't believe the intense flavor! The happiest happiness!!! #soexcited! 

I've always loved microgreens ($6 at River Market) and then somehow I discovered this book! I've read it several times and LOVE LOVE L O V E it!!! #thankyousomuch @elizabethmillard

I remember reading in her book that she was from Minneapolis! I'm hoping to find her someday! What a thrill to see her book featured here

The March books that I read recently led me to this and this (so far!). And somehow I found this awesome book by a favorite author! 

So excited for Another Happy (Eating & Reading) Week!!!

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