Happy Dogs! Another Happy Week No. 14

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

One of my favorite parts of the day is feeding the dogs (Aphrodite and Rumi) their raw meaty bones [RMB]! We sit on the front porch together, and they become totally immersed in their bones. I swing in my favorite hammock chair listening to their concentrated, happy crunching! H E A V E N ! ! !

RMB = HAPPINESS!!! This guide is so helpful! iLOVE @DogsNaturally!

I finally rendered bison fat and discovered bison cracklings!!! This will become a staple! I will definitely be ordering more bison fat! I was so pleasantly surprised by the most delicious cracklings!!! They are different than beef cracklings, and now I prefer them! iLOVE their chewy, meaty flavor and texture! Pork cracklings are still #1 but bison cracklings are a close second!

YAY Another Happy Week(s)!!!!

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