Happy Dogs

Happy Dogs


5-6 days/week (1-2 days fasting)

each day: raw meaty bones and muscle (always served together)

once a week: liver

once a week: offal

1-2 times/week: raw green tripe (as the meal)

1-2 times/month: whole oily fish

whenever available: bone broth

whenever available: fur, table scraps (some fruit/vegetable peelings liquidized for better digestability)


No cooked bones EVER

Supervise recreational bones

Feed puppies as much as they want

Feed liver 5%

Feed other organs 5-10%

Supplement oily fish if using grain-fed meat

Fresh water

Farm animal bones = too large!

Less broken teeth when bones have meat

Weight watch: feel ribs but not see ribs

Feed roughly 2-3% body weight daily

Feed roughly 15-20% body weight weekly

Feed meat and bone as one large piece

Ripping large piece = happy dogs w/clean teeth

Feed once a day

Fast 1-2 days/week

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