Happy Digestion! Another Happy Week No 39

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

So many Another Happy Weeks!!! So many MIRACLES every time I go to the Co-op and there are leafy deep greens to purchase! So grateful! #thankyou @california iLOVE chlorophyll! #thankyou @leafygreens

I've been so grateful to be feeling so well! The temperature has been three below in the mornings this week, and I have been feeling so healthy! I am amazed every day! I'm so grateful to have discovered specific health ideas for autoimmune disease: dairy-free, HCLHCL Activator, digestive enzymeox bile (Sally Fallon recommends for digesting fats). The happiness just keeps increasing every day I feel so physically miraculous!!! Happy digestion!!! #thankyou @freshandnatural

More incredible reading too! I was so inspired by this book and learned about so many talented souls; I made a pinterest board to accompany the book! LOVE! I loved this little gem of a book: colorful, inspiring, succinct, vivid hygge! AND I can't even tell you (yet!) about the books I'm still reading! LOVE LOVE LOVE L O V E !

SO MANY Another Happy Weeks!!! SO LUCKY!

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