Heavenly Chlorophyll!!! Another Happy Week No. 24

Posted by Laura Paulisich on


In August I found a new Meetup: How To Be A Better Human by Preston Palmer! Every week or so we meet and listen to Preston speak about different topics (money, life goals, personal values). I always enjoy attending and miss it when it's over! 

About a month ago, I returned to Preston's website and discovered an opportunity he so generously offers called $100 Lunch. I signed up and this week attended. What a meeting! I'm always in awe of his enthusiastic expertise and during lunch he focused all that awesomeness on helping me!!! SO LUCKY! #SuperFan!

That same morning and right before meeting, I was overcome with more awe while visiting the River Market because of all the beautiful leafy greens...heavenly chlorophyll!!!

I learned about making homemade ginger tea in preparation for a plane ride with Preston (and preventing motion sickness!)!  

So much more Happiness! Another Happy Week! 

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