Happiness Class: "What Can I Do?" by Joel Salatin (WANDERLUST book excerpt)

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"What Can I Do?" by Joel Salatin 

"So what can you do? You can participate. You can connect. You can get actively involved in the process of turning that beet into Harvard beets. You can turn off the TV. You can cancel the cruise vacation and buy bushels of tomatoes to can or turn into salsa. You can get some pots and grow a pot garden of vegetables. You can put a beehive on the roof of your house, two chickens in the foyer instead of that aquarium or parakeet cage...

What can we all do? Stop incessant victimhood mentality. Somebody else will not fix things. Somebody else will not make us healthy; somebody else will not make us happy. These things are our responsibility. Not the neighbor's, not the government's, not the church's or civic club's.

If I don't know what to do with a beet, I need to find out. Knowing what to do with a beet begins a long chain of events that ends up creating a soil in which earthworms happily procreate.

And that is a good thing."

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