Toxin-Free Living

Toxin-Free Living

"The science itself is quite clear, pointing to illnesses, an increase in obesity, and shockingly the loss of IQ points that translates to a decrease in one's ability to earn money.

As exposures to insecticides during pregnancy went up, the child's IQ went down; the only question was by how much.

In 2000, 1 in every 250 children have autism. In 2019, 1 of every 59 children is on the autism spectrum (1 in 37 boys).

Chemicals may be likely making all children more inattentive &/or hyperactive.

Do you want to take a chance & risk exposure to chemicals that more than likely set the stage for ADHD?

Why take any chances given the evidence that chemicals contained in pesticides & flame retardants might be related to seizures, tremors, loss of IQ, ADHD, & autism?" SICKER, FATTER, POORER by Dr Leo Trasande

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