Happiness Class: "The Keto to a Long, Happy, Healthy Life" by Mark Sisson

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"The Keto Reset Diet is going to help you reprogram your genes back to the original human factory setting of being fat- and keto-adapted (a term that appears throughout the book - let's nickname it 'keto'). Keto is a state of metabolic efficiency where you are able to burn stored energy in the form of body fat and ketones, and not be dependent upon regular high-carbohydrate meals to sustain your energy, mood, or cognitive focus. When you conduct the 21-Day Metabolic Reset and transition away from carbohydrate dependency, then go keto, you will normalize your appetite hormones so that you are almost never hungry. This happens very quickly, and it's an absolutely stunning revelation. It's like discovering a hidden superpower that stabilizes your energy, mood, and brain function all day long, because you have readily available stored energy to burn - even if you skip meals.

You'll enjoy delicious nutrient-dense meals and snacks that are deeply satisfying in a way that a carb binge never will be. This means you never have to worry about adding excess body fat, blowing your 'diet' and tail spinning, or falling victim in your later years to diet-related diseases. You become what I affectionately call a fat-burning beast, and you'll stay this way for the rest of your life." - Mark Sisson

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