Happiness Class: THE INTELLIGENT GARDENER by Steve Solomon

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"...more people are going to awaken to the sad results of the industrial food system.

And maybe we will have a brighter future because of that. I was married to Dr. Isabelle Moser for 15 years. Isabelle was a practicing naturopath who prescribed water fasting to heal serious illnesses. Some of her clients had mental or emotional difficulties as well as physical complaints. Dr. Moser was a real doctor; she had a PhD in psychology. Her early practice focused on treating schizophrenics with dietary reform, megavitamins, exercise and detoxification. Isabelle said that trying to help an unhappy person with talk-therapy was slow, cumbersome and ineffective. It was far easier to repair their bodies. As the person's overall health improved, complex, agonizing mental and emotional concerns vanished. They became entirely irrelevant. 

In the same way, I see that many of our current social problems would also vanish by themselves, if only the mass average health of people were uplifted. It is my belief that this could be accomplished--even without the conscious or intentional involvement of most people. All we would have to do is grow our industrial food crops with the goal of making them as nutrient-dense as possible. Then, in order to be extremely well, bright, vigorous and happy, the average person would only have to make reasonably healthy choices most of the time. 

This book has given you the skills needed to begin that social transformation--one neighbor, friend or family member at a time. I hope you will give it a go." (The Intelligent Gardener 284-285)

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