Happiness Class: Superlife by John Durant

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

“Eat the right foods: meat, seafood, roots and tubers, leafy vegetables, eggs, fruit and nuts. Experiment with full-fat fermented dairy. Aim for a diet where the bulk of calories comes from seafood and animals, but the physical bulk comes from plants. Don’t be afraid of fat, eat nose to tail, and eat a variety of plants. Respect ancient culinary wisdom. Follow traditional recipes. Eat fermented foods. Eat raw foods. Make broths and stocks. Cook at low heat, using traditional fats and oils (coconut, beef, butter, ghee, olive). Lead a healthy lifestyle. Sleep as much as possible. Move and exercise regularly. Stay on your feet (stand, walk, run). Get regular, moderate sun. Try some intermittent fasting. Try some hot and cold exposure. Make it meaningful in order to make it an ongoing lifestyle.” -John Durant

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