Happiness Class: Spain's Organic Saffron

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"Cultivated from ancient times in the Mediterranean region, the saffron you are holding in your hands has been produced in exactly the same way farmers did one thousand years ago. In a natural way, where all tasks are exhaustively done by hand. The origin of this spice is the rose of saffron, a beautiful violet-coloured flower, from which three stigmas are extracted to produce saffron as we know it. The stigmas of more than 150,000 flowers are needed to produce just 1 kg of saffron.

How to Use Saffron Threads: Saffron threads need to be slightly toasted and crushed to release their full colour and flavour. Wrap the quantity you need in paper and place on a hot surface (e.g., casserole lid/frying pan) for 2-3 minutes. Then use the back of a spoon to crush the threads before adding to your dish. If your dish has no liquid you should add the saffron to a little water to make an infusion. Saffron should only be added to the dish during the last few minutes of cooking. PINAGALLI suggest 0.25g is enough for 8 servings, but for a more intense colour and flavour more can be added." www.pinasaffron.com 

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