Happiness Class: Roundup Part 2

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

"Glyphosate has been shown to induce alterations in methylation patterns in the genome that are consistent with progression toward cancer.

There is no naturally produced amino acid known to mankind that substitutes for glycine. Glyphosate is unique in this ability, and this is what makes it so demonic.

Glyphosate is pervasive in our environment. It’s been found in the water supply and rain, in tampons and other cotton products, in vaccines and, especially, in the food supply. Glyphosate usage on core crops has been going up exponentially over the past two decades, and people use it routinely in their yards to control weeds. It’s also in the air, especially if you live near agricultural fields where it is routinely applied. It may be released into the air on highways as well, since we now require 10 percent ethanol added to gasoline, and the ethanol is derived from either GMO Roundup-Ready corn or sugar cane sprayed with Roundup right before harvest as a ripener." -Stephanie Seneff, PhD WISE TRADITIONS WINTER 2018

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