Happiness Class: Roundup

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“We have all long awaited the day when a trial against Monsanto, linking glyphosate -- the main ingredient in the herbicide Roundup -- to cancer, would result in a large settlement in favor of the plaintiff. That day has finally arrived. Those of us who have been asserting (against popular belief) that glyphosate is very harmful to humans are all rejoicing in the outcome, which represents the first time anyone has succeeded in a lawsuit claiming that glyphosate causes cancer...On Augsust 10, 2018, the jury awarded...two hundred and eighty-nine million dollars, with most of that amount (two hundred and fifty million) slated for punitive damages. This unexpectedly high award produced a number of important follow-on effects. First, the stock price of German conglomerate Bayer -- the company that recently bought out Monsanto -- plummeted, losing over ten billion euros in value in the week after the verdict. Next, activist groups like the Environmental Working Group (EWG) made mainstream news headlines with reports of high levels of glyphosate in common breakfast cereals like Cheerios. France engaged in a more aggressive debate about legislation to restrict glyphosate. And, as predicted, thousands of new cases accusing glyphosate of causing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma are being brought to the attention of lawyers around the country. Those of us who have long been warning of the dangers of glyphosate to human health are starting to feel that this might be the long-awaited “tipping point.”

Thyroid cancer and liver cancer are both rising dramatically in the U.S. population, in lockstep with the rise in glyphosate usage on core crops. It is extremely unlikely that this could have occurred by chance.

Autoimmune disease, including celiac disease, is on the rise and is a strong risk factor for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Both celiac disease and increased cancer risk could be directly due to glyphosate poisoning.

The alarming rise in the prevalence of celiac disease matches up very well with the rise in glyphosate usage on wheat crops.

Glyphosate sets up a perfect storm in the gut to induce autoimmune disease."  -Stephanie Seneff, PhD WISE TRADITIONS WINTER 2018

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