Happiness Class: Philippines 1960s and 1970s

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"The people in our farming community while I was growing up primarily ate food that they had grown or raised themselves. Our diet consisted mainly of rice, coconuts, vegetables/root crops, herbs (especially garlic and ginger), and some meat that was raised locally. Trips to the market were made once a week to buy primarily fresh fish caught in the ports nearby. My parents' generation would have ground their own rice by hand, leaving intact most of the bran and nutrients. After World War II, during my time, however, rice mills started popping up making it easier to mill rice. The first mills used in my day were 'crude,' and did not polish the rice, so we basically still ate healthy grains. Later, the mills became more sophisticated and began to polish the rice making it bright white. All of our food back then would have been considered 'organic' by today's standards, as we had no access to chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Living in a tropical climate, our animals, such as chickens, cows, goats, etc., all grazed on natural green vegetation." (THE VIRGIN COCONUT OIL STORY 10)

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