Happiness Class: PET FOO(le)D

Happiness Class: PET FOO(le)D

Wise Traditions Winter 2018 movie review PET FOOLED:

“You may have noticed that dogs and cats are suffering from many of the same health issues as their human owners. Diseases like diabetes, obesity, arthritis and cancer are now common...Veterinarians...point the finger at diet. In other words, we are doing to our pets the same thing we do to ourselves. The pet food industry is dominated by five corporations, including the likes of Mars and Nestle (trusted names in good nutrition everywhere). A quick look at the main ingredients of any major pet food brand shows us that they are all playing the same game. Wheat, soy, corn and even corn syrup are prominent ingredients, followed by a long list of chemicals I can’t spell or pronounce...Becker and Royal [veternarians] are emphatically clear that your dogs and cats are carnivores and feeding them grain and vegetable products is slowly killing them. The industry uses these ingredients because they are cheap. The chemicals make for a shelf life of up to twenty-five years. Even organic pet foods use inappropriate ingredients for dogs and cats.” Wise Traditions Winter 2018 Tim’s DVD Reviews

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