Natural Fiber Clothing

Natural Fiber Clothing

Care of Knitted and Woven Natural Fiber Creations Thank you for a conscientious purchase, one that is good for you and the earth!

Knit clothing and woven items: Wear or air often, no need to wash often. Natural fiber clothing does not need to be washed every time it is worn. Sun light and moving air are great for these garments and also help to keep moths away. If you do get moths see bottom of this care sheet. After a while of wear, these garments may stretch out. Washing according to these instructions will return them to the original size and shape. When it is time to wash your clothing please hand wash very gently, with a mild soap, in lukewarm water. Adding vinegar will soften the fiber. Squeeze water out of the garment, do not wring. Lay flat to dry. Do not wash in a machine!!! These garments will only make it through a machine 1 or 2 times before felting!!! 

Prevention & Treatment of Clothing Moths: The best way to deal with moths that eat natural fibers is through prevention. These techniques are what we use on our items both for prevention and treatment. First is to consider placing your items in an airy and sunny location every now and then. If clothing moths do find your woolen items, place the pieces in a closed vehicle on a sunny day. The air inside the car needs to reach 130 degrees F for a half hour to destroy all moths and their eggs (this closed car method is also a great way to prevent moths). Another solution is to place items in a freezer at 32 degrees F for at least two weeks. Lavender and cedar help to deter clothing moths but I do recommend that you still check them periodically, especially in the summer. For summer storage, heat in a car then place in a clear, sealed plastic bag or bin for the summer. Mothballs are toxic and I do not recommend them.  

Enjoy the natural fiber and all the healthy, relaxing benefits that it brings to those who touch and feel it. Natural fiber is good for you and the planet too! 

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